Android / iPhone

   Development within the field of mobile applications. Integration of the real world with the digital. How our new found mobile devices can support us in our daily lives is the main aim and goal. Designing a good app is difficult and requires great attention to detail. Too many apps are 'thrown' together without enough thought and planning.

Spatial Stream provide a bespoke service combining software tools, bespoke programming and years of experience to provide a robust and continuous service tailored for you. We provide a service matched to your needs; with whatever level of outsourcing support as is required.

This may mean a turn key app build from planning to maintenance or a continuous service that can adapt to change. But this can also involve a hybrid setup that is tailor made for you. We aim to reduce costs to a minimum and will advise you of your options to acheive this.
GIS  (Java® software)

 Android / iPhone
 GIS Development

   Development and use of GIS and mapping solutions based mainly around the mobile device. We find simple approaches that maximise technologies and we implement solutions that satisfy our clients. Talk to us for advice on small projects, up to full scale solutions if required.

We have worked on Ground Breaking Technology within the field of Cartography (Mapping and Wayfinding).

Living Map®  CartoEngine technology is the first of its kind and brings truly hyper-accurate live maps for the user.
Living Soho, a prototype app that shows the way when it comes to local information.
Move around stores and receive and interact with location based information.
The Living Map. A Server Side Solution provided by Spatial Stream.
Desktop Software.
Niche projects are also entertained and a small organisation gained important knowledge with a bespoke Data Scraping solution.
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